Home and Land Packages

So, you’ve got the bank’s nod and you’re all set to build your dream home, but where to start?

No worries, we’re here to break it down and show you the way, with that extra touch of Elevation Homes magic.

1. Let’s Chat:

First things first, we sit down for a friendly chat. You tell us your dream, your budget and any questions you’ve got. Consider us your trusty guides on this adventure.

2. House and Land Bliss:

Thanks to our amazing real estate buddies, we’ve got some awesome house and land packages waiting for you. Think of it as a match made in property heaven – land that clicks with a home design you’ll love.

3. Your Spin on Design:

Once you’ve got the package that feels like home, we dive into the design phase. We’re here to make your place uniquely yours, inside and out.

4. Budget High-Five:

Good news – you’ve already got bank approval! We’ll work out the numbers so that your dream home meets your budget. No hidden surprises, promise.

5. Paperwork Made Easy:

Building and resource consents – yup, we’ve got your back. Our professional team takes care of the nitty-gritty so you can focus on getting excited.

6. It’s Hammer Time:

Ready to get building? We’re on it! Our skilled crew gets to work and we’re always just a message away to keep you in the loop.

7. Updates Galore:

We’re big on sharing. From choosing colours to reaching milestones, you’ll be right there with us, making decisions and celebrating progress.

8. Your Keys, Your Home:

The day comes when your new home is ready to welcome you. We make sure everything’s perfect, just the way you pictured it.

At Elevation Homes, our cornerstone is partnership—a partnership rooted in trust and transparency. We’re not merely crafting houses; we’re nurturing a connection that will shape your dream haven.